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I won't fall like the rest of them, they've come & gone with the wind.
My name is Erika. I am a twenty year old college student from south texas. I love music, video games, and food. Follow me c: If you're sad, click here

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 for you, Glen Coco
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i remember one time the simpsons made a joke about fox news and they got so insulted they tried to sue them but the court was like “this aired on ur network u can’t sue urself”

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"why dont you just give him a chance"

idk because im not physically or mentally attracted to him and ‘but he likes you’ or ‘but hes really nice’ isnt going to change the fact that im not interested

Damn, I don’t think women know how much that really hurts

you know what else hurts?????????? getting abused for being a ‘bad person’ because you didnt want to date somebody that you werent interested in

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  • Guy in my class: Sir, what if we had a gay P.E. teacher? That'd be bad because he'd be looking at all the guys in shorts.
  • Teacher: You're assuming that all gay teachers are pedophiles.
  • Guy: Well...yeah.
  • Teacher: Carl I absolutely promise you that NO ONE in this school wants to have sex with you

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  • it’s okay to eat
  • it’s okay to have fat, because it’s natural and it doesn’t make you ugly or unlovable
  • stretch marks, scars, moles, etc are totally ok
  • your body is wonderful exactly the way it is
  • please be kind to yourself
  • i love you so much

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sorry i can’t go to school my earphones aren’t working

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The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot - Brand New


I hope when you die you get to see your stats like how many times you laughed or told a lie or kissed or how many people loved you and how many people hated you and what you meant to people

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procrastination is my only talent

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you’ll regret me like the tattoos on your skin3.18.14





This the kinda shit I need to see more often


this hit me kinda hard